Thursday, April 2, 2009

Whoever says size doesnt matter

clearly hasnt slept with my partner.

good damn.

let's just "keep it real" here for a min.

If I shoved a pencil in your ass, you might find pleasure in it.
Now, if i shoved a mutant cucumber up your ass, i mean i'm talking Costco economy size feeding a family of eight cucumber, you might find pleasure in that as well ;)

but f- what you find pleasure in...
good lord was last night extraordinary.

i mean, i probably stop breathing for a little while. that big :)

but enough about my sex life...

here is a blog site for those of you who do care about size...

the rest of you... i'm actually quite impressed and amazed that you dont let shallow things like size bother you :)

we all cant be saints ;)



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