Tuesday, March 31, 2009

To facebook or not to facebook

that is the question.

no seriously, why has everyone gone to facebook.
i mean yes, it is the new hottest thing,
but have we forgotten when facebook was totally exclusive.

i havent.
not that myspace isnt filled with loads of pretentious hipsters (myself included)

it's just
if it isnt broken why fix it.
or replace it.

and i've heard that facebook owns all the rights to your photos and information.
i know myspace is just as horrid.

what it really comes down to is i like myspace (with all of its problems)
and i'm sad to see my friends (the people i actually know on myspace go away)

i mean cause let's be real.
having to maintain numerous amts of profile pages
that require tons of up keep can def. be a drag.

and what if your profiles begin to not correspond.
what if your myspace says your single and your facebook says your in a
relationship? what then?

enjoy your facebook
and i'll enjoy my myspace

how about we just hangout in real time?
maybe even call each other?

just a thought.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

where does the time go?

seriously though.

months have flown by.
it's spring.
people are thawing off from this bitter and cold winter in socal (yes, it's true. it was absolutely frigid in southern california this winter. there were temperatures in the low 50s :) and yes my blood has thinned out :))


my bangs are growing and are covering my forehead :)
there is only 3 weeks left to my semester :)
i'm going to get a new baby brother or sister (i know, crazy right)
i got asked to model for a fresh mexican designer :)
brobot and i are going to move in together :)
gerald and i are going to move in together :)
and i'm pretty sure i'm relocating to the bay area come this fall :)

needless to say a lot has happened in the past few months.
things to look forward to:

pride in san francisco :)
pride in san diego :)
going to new york in August :)
being a license asian body therapist :)
moving in with the sweetest lovemonster ever :)

oh, and i cant wait to get naked this summer.
i'll be laying out in a skimpy bathing suit at a nude beach near you soon.
okay only at a nude beach near me, but you can join ;)

it's so nice to blog again.