Wednesday, June 18, 2008

burn duh duh burn burn burn!!!


this morning i excitedly went to the posst office to pick up a certified package that arrived in the mail for me.

I couldnt for the life of me think of what it could be. I didnt order any new didldos or warming lube recently. Perhaps a gift from Eric, who is traveling around India.

when the woman behind the counter brought back a large envelope i couldnt help but smile really big. a part of me secretly new what she had just handed me. but i dare not say it for fear of jinxing myself.

i calmly thanked her walked about 10 ft away from the counter and started frantically opening up the envelope. And what awaited me was my golden ticket.


I'm so flippin excited.

does anyone no where i can buy bulk body paint?



Tuesday, June 10, 2008

okay i miss you

its only been 6days and i miss you tremendously.

i'm ridiculous.

i'm in love.

how this all happen i cant even begin to recall. no, i do remember we were partially dress doing a sexy photoshoot. i had to think about elderly woman just to keep my erection down.

but anyway here i am sitting at my computer typing about you. closing my eyes and remembering your face.

remembering how you smell.
going to your apartment everyday to feed your cat.

yeah, i get to do all the fun things while your gone like clean the litter box, collect your mail, and feed your cat. and surprisingly all the latter activities make me feel closer to you. like you are right beside me commenting on how that big piece of poo came out of her little bum.

yes picking up cat poo brings me closer to you.
what can i say, i'm a hopeless romantic.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

i'm just a regular kid, i swear

but i'm also a regular kid in the june issue of rolling stone, italy.

what the frock!

i can't believe this little queer black boi from northbergen, nj is
paving the way for queer culture. At least thats what rolling stone thinks :)

my life has become so surreal lately. i dont know how things happen.
thats a lie i do know. i manifest things. thats so like the secret or something, right. that's funny.

as the sun returns to sunny socal, i begin to remember exactly why i wanted to come
to california. to find love, to find lovemonsters, to find a queer community, to find
me. now, i havent found me persay but i've found a comfortable way of existing to allow myself to find me.

i'm allowing myself all the things i thought i didnt deserve before.
i am worthy of beautiful love. and i participate in it everyday. i get to sleep next to it. i get to eat with it and kiss it on a regular basis.

i'm worthy of knowledge.
i'm worthy of artistic expressions.
i'm worthy of experience.

that being said, i also just finish doing a series of performances pieces for the museum of contemporary art san diego. what the? crazy right. i know. i feel like its crazy.

it's in all of us
tap into your lovemonster energy
use it to manifest everything you deserve