Monday, May 11, 2009


clearly i'm surrounded by love

i'm just a little sad you havent been paying much attention to me.
i've been trying to tell you,
but you seem tired or relax and not interested right now, which is okay,
just sad.

so i'm telling on my blog. i'm sad.
i miss you.

and tomorrow i'll probably be hung over, the alcohol helps me forget
(so melodramatic)

i'll focus on my headache for a bit, needle myself (acupuncture that is)
and focus on my retakes (damn bio science)

and keep distracted until...

i dont know when.
i love you
and i'm not going to lie, i will wait until our moons realign
mercury is not in retrograde
there isnt planets blocking my chakras or
whatever the fuck is happening astrologically and making me a crazy human being
and preventing us from communicating


did i mention i feel imbalance.