Monday, September 29, 2008

a very bay weekend

i have good news and bad news.

the bad news is that i left my digital camera at home this weekend so, this blog entry will have no photographs to accompany it :(

the good news is that i spent the weekend in the bay and had a kick ass good time :)


i went to two conferences. Arse Elektronica, where yours truly and the beautiful DJ Lotus gave a talk about entitled Radical Porn, Intercourse between Fantasy and Reality. Also, i attained Critical Resistance 10 this year. Talk about organized. I give all the speakers and organizers infinite amounts of props for how wonderfully amazing and great CR10 was this year.

i attained Folsum Street Fair :) Talk about wild.
Image that sums up the whole fair. As i walked topless down Folsum street with my hot also topless twink friend, i look to my left and in a window right on Folsum Street I watched a man give another man with a very large penis a blow job in broad daylight :) Needless to say it was all very hot!

i hung out with the wonderful LDub in Berkeley drinking beers at albatross. Brunching at Saul's. And shopping on Telegraph :) I attained the how berkeley can you be parade with Miguel and Lady and saw topless Berkeley residents and wonderful "burning man-esque art cars.

i hung out in the mission, had an eccentric cab driver take me and my grrrls to the castro, and drank gin and tonics until my eyes began to cross.

i laughed, danced, and cried a little even.

and thats the half of it.

Thank you for all the kids that made my bay experience totally out of this world. I look forward to being in all your energies again sooner than later. Perhaps even permanently :)


Monday, September 22, 2008

setting an intention

i usually blog late in the evening hours after the stress of my everyday existence have penetrated my energetic field, and i'm left beaten and broken down.

so, in an attempt to break the sad cycle of depressing over dramatic blog entries i've most recently have, i'm blogging at the start of my day :)

i'm not going to lie, i had a phenomenal weekend. If it wasnt for this flippin graduate program my life would be filled with socal sunshine and a lot more binge drinking :)

But this weekend was just that! It was san diego street scene. and i got to rock out with my cock in my pants, but fully erect and ready :)

some highlights of sd street scene were
TV on the Radio
Cat Power
Cold War Kids
Tegan and Sarah

A beautiful weekend with some great friends and some new friends that i love and some of the sweetest music to grace my ears. life cant be all that bad :)

here's some pics of the weekend.

so, today is going to be a great day.
i'm going to go to school.
get school work done.
get sis work done.
and then go to bed :)

thanks for being so supportive interweb.
your the best boifriend a boi could ever ask for.


Sunday, September 21, 2008


in an attempt to simplify my life, ive started an ebay store.

little did i know this process was going to be more time consuming then i had planned.

that being said it is close to midnight; i've done none of my homework; i have two separate ebay accounts that i'm having trouble merging; and i'm exhausted.


i'm going to bed now.
i unfortunatly cannot handle the maddness which is my existence right now.




Tuesday, September 16, 2008

thoughts on 1:07am

i'm a little gassy and can really go for a sprite.

i'm up doing my points homework.
my eyes are starting to cross.
it's not so bad i guess.
i could be studying anatomy instead.
oh wait, i have to do that once i'm done with this.


ever have one of those days where you feel like no matter how hard you try to catch up you cant.

whats with those days?

i think perhaps this whole mercury in retrograde my have something to do with my chakras aligning all types of funky.

is fashion week over?
i wish i was home in nyc pretending to be a model at some exclusive event.

i would be having fun at least.

i want to go to sleep with my boyfriend.

gosh, why am i so extremely needy. i'm like a prepubescent 12 yr old grrrl.
me me!

i'm kind of over myself right now.



Tuesday, September 9, 2008

queering da band

some queer ass beats for you peeps.
this is how me and my grrrls do!

zoe looks so cute, all sleeping in the foreground...


sweat & glitter under the stars a summer drag and burlesque show

sorry for the delay.
my internet connection has been so unreliable most recently.

now, this weekend was fierce!
nothing like a hot sexy drag burlesque show to get the blood pumping (straight to your dick and clitoris that is.)
hosted by the one and only krylon surperstar and produced by some of the queerest lovemonsters on the block /SIS

anyway, the photos are pretty much XXX so i'm only going to show you some of the modest ones :)

the performances were absolutely amazing.
there is video soon to come.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day was

pretty much the bomb diggity!

i love my flippin friends!

it started off a little early (last night @ Universal to be exact)
and i've been drunk for the last 27 hours :)

and today was pretty much the shit.

thanks lovemonsters for a kick ass bbq

thanks for some kick ass queer beats

and thanks for all the love