Friday, June 29, 2007

What day of the week is it?


So, i'm in San Diego, Ca currently sitting in a cute local coffee house. I'm typing on my mac and laurenlovelady is sitting across from me typing on her mac. I feel like such a hipster right now.

Lovelady has been counting all the lesbians she's seen in the last half an hour.
Do you want to know how many?
Like 7 or something like that.
Anyway crazy. Lesbians were scarce in the bruns.

We are still trying to figure out where shit is.
San Diego = huge

Current Goals
Find the Beach
Find a Grocery Store
Find where all the hot hipsters and bearded boys on bikes hang
Find a new job
Join a yoga studio and get certified to be an instructor

Good Goals :)

Okay, another wonderful thing about San Diego is the weather.
I mean, it is currently 75 degress. Tomorrow it will be 72 degress the next day 74 degrees, and 70 something degress always. So good!

The Apt.
our place is so very adorable. two bedrooms, a full bathroom, beautiful kitchen (with two big sinks!), small dinning room, and a very decent size living room.
for being in san diego for like 27 hours we are doing really well in the furniture dept.
we already found the ikea and have acquired beds, a coffee table, and other cute things.
we also went to a thrift store and acquired a small nightstand and other cute objects.
art is already filling the walls :)
more art is already being made :)
positive energy is all around :)

The Zine
so excited ... wait lesbian couple (8,9) have just walked by.
anyway, the zine is coming along well!
dannyloveladylovemonster has already thought up some brillant illustration ideas and is working on manifesting them as we speak.
I forget if I revealed the title yet, so i'll tell you again it's called little donkey: a zine about sexuality, sex, and gender (i live this shit!)

okay wonderful wonderful love monsters. i must run. i have to run some errands.

i dont have the internet yet, so i dont know when we will meet again. i'm thinking i'll come back to the cafe tomorrow because really, what else do i have to do tomorrow besides go to the beach :)


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Estimated Time 6hrs

So, lovelady and I had a change in plans.

LA is unfortunately not going to work out this time around. Lovelady and I are headed straight to San Diego :)

Being that we are arriving two days earlier then plan we will not have any electricity or internet when we arrive. That being said it might be some time before I write on this thing :(

We will be arriving in San Diego at approximately 5pm Pacific Standard Time of course. For all you east coast cats thats approximately 8pm.

Arizona is still hot.

I need out now!

San Diego and warm beautiful weather here I come.

ciao loves.

love. love. love.


I hope everyone has been planning the vacations to california. I'm expecting tons of guest :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Grandest Canyon of them All

So Awesome!

Today lovelady and I went to the Grandest Canyon of them All (that's right, you've guessed, the Grand Canyon.) So flippin beautiful.

I've never felt so microscopic before. It was a very humbling experience.

I havent been taking very many pictures on this trip, but today I realized that Kevin lovemonster gave me a roll of films one of our last days together in the bruns :) I popped that baby into my 35mm Nikon and snapped some very beautiful images of the Grande Canyon herself.

Arizona is still hot as hell.
Global warming for the people in Arizona sucks big time.

South Western cats = different
I mean, everyone is really friendly, but...
I can't put my finger on it. There's something really different about the people in the midwest and southwest.

Part of me feels that they are really content being where they are and doing what they are doing.
That's different. Being from the "coast" as everyone puts it out here. The people I surrounded myself with were movers. Everyone has such big plans.

See the world.
Change the world.
Be ridicuoulsy happy.

Okay, I also wanted to let the world know that I'm working on my first zine.
It's 80 % done.
It's called "Little Donkey: A Zine about Sexuality, Sex, and Gender"
It's going to be pretty cool, if i do say so myself.

I had my friend eric lovemonster design the cover,
And my east coast lover come up with some hot illustrations.

It should be out soonish.

I'll make sure everyone who wants one gets a copy.

Okay, I'm done writing in this thing for the day.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Did you know Arizona doesnt do daylight savings?

Tuesday June 26

The longest day of my life!

I started today off in Texas. I woke up at 730a, showered, and then went to breakfast.

We left texas en route to New Mexico. The plan was to visit a reservation/ national park.
When we got to the New Mexico boarder we were pleased to learn that we were entering Mountain Time (thus gaining one full hour.)

We were really excited about that hour :)
New Mexico = Beautiful
The earth was red and the sky was the bluest I've ever seen with the most comfortable looking clouds.

We drove and drove and drove some more.
New Mexico is hot as fuck.

Once we arrived at El Malpais, we observed beautiful New Mexican landscapes.
The sun still beamed down hella hard on lovelady and I.

We got back in the car and drove some more.

The sun was overwhelming so we decided to call it an early day.
New Mexican = Super Expensive

Needless to say we didnt find affordable housing in New Mexico.
So we decided to drive to Arizona.

Once in Arizona, we drove to a the nearest town.
We found a reasonable inn and then realized that the time in our room was an hour off.

Arizona is in Mountain Time.
But, Arizona is one of the only states that doesnt observe daylight savings.
What the fuck?
Thats so random and bizarre.

Anyway, good day.
But so long.

I'm tired.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Carbondale to St. Louis

Sunday June 24

I chilled in Carbondale. Ate the best pizza of my life in Compden, IL. Went to a show. Slept (kind of.) Went to a cute cafe with Taylor and Lauren in the morning. Drove to St. Louis and happened upon their gay pride. Chilled. Drove to Joplin, MO. I'm currently sitting in a Days Inn missing the people I love.

So, there it was. Is.

I feel anxious. I want to be in San Diego. That anxiety sometimes limits my full experience of the places I go through on this journey. LoveLady has been really good at keeping her palms up for recieving the energies of the places we visit. I'm happy I'm traveling with her. She reminds me of home. She reminds me of love.

I'm not going to lie, the people in St. louis were pretty fly diggy :)

When Nicole, the receptionist here at the Days Inn, ask for my address I gave her my CA address. That felt good. It's good to have an address :)

I'm happy.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Carbondale, IL
Saturday June 23

This is day 3. Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois.

Kentucky was the bomb diggities. I mean, I was completely exhausted once I arrived at 10p. I had half a beer and fell asleep with all my clothes on. I wouldn’t of had it any other way.

The next morning Will left lovelady and I the sweetest note on his laptop. He gave us directions to go to this ridiculously cool café called 3rd Street Stuff in Lexington, Kentucky. After an hour and a half of trying to operate the shower, calling my lifeline Eric Lovemonster in NJ to tell me how to operate the shower, and showering Lovelady and I actually made it to 3rd Street Stuff.

Needless to say, 3rd Street Stuff was uberly cute. It was a definitely a queer space in the middle of Lexington, KY. And I definitely bought a pin that said bent on it J

The drive yesterday went quite fast. Perhaps it was because I was traveling at speeds of 90 miles an hour or greater.

Or maybe it was the hour we got back because now we are in central time.

Carbondale, IL gets 1000 punk rock points. LoveLady and I are staying in this old punk house from the early 80s called the old cross. It’s pretty rad; I’m not going to lie. The people who come through the old cross have been so nice to us.

Our yesterday in Carbondale went something like this: arrive in town chill on the couch, go far a walk to another cute café, eat hummus and pita, drink lemonade, eat quess-a-dillas, walk back to the old cross hang out on the porch for an hour talking to another old black man who was definitely all types of drugged up, go swimming or let me say watch lovelady and Taylor love monster go swimming, cook a delicious dinner, get drunk, go to a punk show, drink some more, go for a 3am bike ride, get kicked out of a hospital parking lot for trespassing, ride some more bikes through Carbondale, watch the frat boys play bean bags (yes bean bags!) and end on a couch in Taylor’s old apt. to knock out for the evening.

It was a very full day.

I feel pretty good on this day 3. Lovelady and I have been vibbing very well, but that’s no different to how we usually are together.

We actually talked about getting married and raising a love child togetherJ We also had conversations of what living on a commune with all you crazy lovemonsters would look like. It looks like pretty cool.

I miss danny. I miss Kevin.

I miss Natalia. I miss eric.

I’m excited for red wallets and stories of Indian summers.

I’m definitely California dreaming every other minute.

Well lovemonsters. This is it for now. Thanks for tuning in.


Friday, June 22, 2007

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Friday June 22

After 10 hours and 3 stops LadyLove and I finally made it to Kentucky.

Will you are so beautiful. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

You have solidified yourself as one of my most favorite people on this planet. You have a big heart and tons of prescriptions drugs :)

Relax. Will's a pharmacist.

10 hrs on the road with Lauren was not a bad thing at all. Day 1 was absolutely beautiful. It actually went kind of fast. Our next stop is southern Il. We are going to hang out with some beautiful punk rock kids. I'm really stocked about that. The drive is also only 5hrs. Plus we get 1 of those hours back, timezone differences.

Today I feel excited and happy to get back on the road. Driving westward is really beautiful. Everything is so green.

Driving west also feels good because I know I'm approaching my new home in San Diego :)

That's it for now. I'm sorry there was no fried chicken in this story.


Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer Solstice

Thursday June 21

It's 630am. I'm exhausted. I was up until pretty late trying to fit all my stuff only into 1/2 of my car.

I made 4 boxes to ship out. I took danny's advice and i'm going to ship the light stuff (that being a bulk of my wardrobe.) Danny's a smart guy so, this seem like a smart thing to do.

I'm waiting for my mother to come home, so I can say goodbye and try to harass her for a little more money :) I'm going to miss that crazy ladylove.

I said bye to eric last night. That was one of the saddest things i've done so far. He is one of my best friends (wow, i sound like i'm in highschool again.) I'm not sure exactly how to articulate that eric is a very important person in my life. There are no words to describe are relationship. It's just plan old good. I miss him already.

I have to shower.

I just printed out directions to Lexington, KY. will is so amazing for putting ladylove and myself up for the night.

I must say I'm really excited to see parts of the US. I've been several places in the world, but never to KY or IL. It's going to be a goodtime.

Money is going to be an interesting situation, but I never let that stop me before. I have a budget and I'm just going to have to stick to it.

Okay, I must stop typing now. Time keeps moving forward and I need to be in Princeton, NJ soon. I Love You NJ. I hope you heard that and remember that as long as you exist. You were my home. Thank You.

I Love you LoveMOnsters. I"ll see you all soon because all you crazy cats are going to hope on a biodiesel bus and come to San Diego to visit :)

LoveLove Love

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

California Dreaming

Wedensday June 20th

Tomorrow is the summer solstice, the longest day on our planet.

I venture out west tomorrow. I'm going with one of my very best ladyloves.

I'm excited nervous anxious tired and impatient.

Today I must go to work for little over 6 hours. Come home and finish packing. Nap and be in Princeton, NJ by 8am :) (that was a very forced smile.) I'm running out of energy. Maybe I'll have a red bull or an adderall or maybe both- just kidding!

My mother has been nothing but uberly supportive. I love her. She is one of the very best lovemonsters I know.

I found new loves recently. I'm extremely sad to leave them. They have taught me it is important to love and that the only people who need to validate love are the parties participating. Love Love Love.

I have a new address :)

I'm expecting visitors my second week in California :)

I'm a very lucky lovemonster.

I am happy. I really wanted this and now it is manifesting itself. I promise to try and keep this thing up dated and post pictures and tell stories about my adventures. I promise to stay in touch. This is not goodbye people. It's damn, I have to buy a really expensive plan ticket to come and see your ass!

See you soon lovemonsters.