Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Industrial Unisex Chic

Last Thursday I model for the amazing Heather Brosche in her new Gender Queer Line, Buluga.

The show took place at the Museum of Contempary Art San Diego. The runway was outside, simple in design, and juxtapose to the super industrial setting of Down Town San Diego. I believe about 10 designers in the San Diego area were highlighted and Buluga was the only line that had male models.

The show's theme was recycled fashion. Heather used vintage fabrics to create Buluga. In true DIY fashion she thrifted her materials, found materials laying around her home, and died the fabrics herself using RIT dye. When asked what the inspiration for her line was Heather responded, "Industrial Unisex Chic."

So, I know everyone is really curious about how i felt strutting my stuff with about 30 other women.

The answer:
Absolutely Fabulous!

I got to model beside another beautiful male model :)
Ari you amaze me :)

Here are some photos from the show.

The designer herself, Heather Brosche

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Funny Birthday Present

5/9/07, 8:37 PM
hey lady
how are you?
i'm relaxing
sounds nice
i'm a horn dog this time of night, but i'm shoving all that sex into a paper
on bob ross
love him
how are you?
i'm well
i can relate with being a horn ball this time of night
i'm currently contemplating the idea of being polyamorous
it seems more honest
what does your boyfriend think?
no boyfriend

well then aren't you polyamorous already?
8:40 PM
i guess i was thinking about being polyamorous and exclusive
if that makes sense
i'm interested in a pair of people
right now
the three of us have really good chemistry
i was wondering if i could be with both of them intimately
i mean i know i can
but if it would really work
exclusive was the wrong word to us
i wouldnt be exclusive to them
oh i see what you mean
are they in NJ?
or cali?
well give it a shot!
it seems it could only be an experiment
so what excactly is going on for tomorrow
i'm i going to see you
are you still having a studio shindig
yeah you should definitely come
i'll be showing some videos i made and a few things
8:45 PM
not a lot of stuff, but i can show you more work i've been doing (special behind the scenes tour)
the other kids in my program will be showing stuff too
so a lot of art and liquor
sounds good
where is this taking place
25 east 13th street
the union square stop
yeah, it should be great fun
will you come in and stay with steff?
well i didnt discuss that with her
i dont know if she would be comfortable with me staying with her
bah she loves you
or you can stay with me
i hope we call hang out when it's over
maybe i can do your portrait in the very least
well i'm coming to ny to hang out with you
so we better
how long can you hang?
hopefully all night
what's the last train back?
something i'm probably going to have to miss
i'm either going to have to leave early in the morning
like at 7
or i will miss work completely and hang in nyc
what is your friday like
8:50 PM
do you work
i have a long day of critiques all day on friday
for the second year students -- so none of our own work
but if you're able to miss, then you should stay with me, we'll do your portrait on thursday night, and you'll be free on friday to do whatever
i can meet up with you and stefanie again after crits
or you can head home
or whatever
it all sounds good
but i'd hate to only see you a few hours
i'm going to have to agree
our first encounter
was such a tease
what time do the festivites start tomorrow
6 - 8
so short
yeah that is short
thank goodness
light refreshments
it gets old fast
wine, beer
i'll be a little tipsy
i'll probably be very tipsy
drinking on the train?
i have the tolerance of an 8 year old girl
it doesnt take much
me too
and the gut of an irish dude
so i drink a little
and i don't get hungover
or sick
i tell people i'm the cheapest date around : )
so weird
8:55 PM
i was typing the same thing
on this side of the computer
people say i'm a cheap date

then stay in NJ
or you'll take my beaus
cheap in some ways, i always say
i'm sure i'm no threat to your many beaus

youre a pretty fly lady
you have nothing to worry about
oh you say that to all the competition
right before you put them out of business
you're like barnes and noble
and i'm a bookstore on the corner
or better starbucks
so will there be hot queer eligible people there
besides us?
where are all the queer artists and intellects hanging these days
are they a dying breed
i think they are
and when they couple off, they hide
you would think the city of ny would be swarming with them
they know better than to be seen
i know
most just think they think
9:00 PM
thats trippy
thinking that you think
isnt that thinking
new thought
is there a particular reason you dont currently have a partner of sorts
your vibrations via the computer lead me to believe you are a good catch
it is thinking, but it's a kind of thinking that isn't thinking crtiically
not that it matters that much
well i've never had a partner
in orlando no one was good and i didn't realize i was playing a game
the game
in new york a lot of guys are alright and i know i'm playing a game
i knowit well
the "trap door" of all these interactions is sex
not that i participate
which is nice and still novel for me
but i guess the reason would be that i'm not looking in the right places
or that i've never met anyone who could challenge me by loving me
which is all -- and everything -- i want : )
you are a lovemonster
i know : )
if you ever feel i'm over stepping my boundaries just let me know
i guess lots ofquestions
9:05 PM
i ask that is
lots of questions
i think it is a good excercise in living
no i like questions
may i ask you what the last person you dated or were interacting withwas like
i will ask some myself sometime when i'm not writing for school in another window
don't be
you're a pleasant distraction

and not merely a distraction
a kind of angel in the corner of the computer
a beautiful black bald angel?
which is the only kind of angel
so just an angel
: )

the last guy i dated
was a brilliant dude
art history major at columbia
younger by two years, very giving
very sweet
but a boy
he never disagreed with anything i said
i've been thinking that it's important
do you mean he didnt have his own opinions
9:10 PM
well he probably admired you greatly
not to defend him
he did. and i thought that was beautiful but also impossible.
because that meant that he would eventually resent me
for being human
i understand that
very well
too well actually
you have a charisma
it must have the same
thank you
do you like flowers
and if yes
what types?
i really like flowers
and i always feel people dont get me flowers because i'm socially gendered male
i love flowers
those people don't understand flowers
or men
my favorite is the gardenia
sicksweet and palest white against those glossy green leaves
and if you touch it, it browns almost instantly
do you like the fleetingness of a gardenia
the mortality of it
its ephermerality is so beautiful to me
and its lingering qualities
the ghost of its smell
that was pretty
i'm going to write that down
9:15 PM
that's beautiful to me : )
do you know the song dos gardenias
it's the word "ghost" maybe
what is your favorite flower?
i want to hear it someday : )
it's by the buena vista social club
it's in spanish
it's a love song
very pretty
my favorite flower is kind of corny
not as romantic as a gardenia
it's the sunflower
i pegged you as a daisy
close though
reallly a daisy
may i ask why
do i come off as dainty
it is free
and it is open
i do love free art and booze
makes sense

9:20 PM
so bob ross
free and open bars
i love bob
i write about him in relationship to democracy
he's like -- democratizing art by putting it on tv
better than warhol
and more kind somehow
i can see that
but do you enjoy his art
i see his life as his art
and that i enjoy a lot
good answer

9:25 PM
i was always hesitant to his television show but i must say that i agree with you completely
bob made art acessible
you didn't like the show?
it bored a lot of people
calmed them : )
i was bored
but now i think that's television in general
i think tv numbs you
there was something about the combination of art and television that didnt work for me at the time
i felt even more removed
but bob ross is completely valid
in his artistic existence
i can appreciate the idea of bob ross
comodifying him though not to much
9:30 PM
i think the tv thing is something that always will bother me
even making video art feels too removed from reality
the commodification is so awful
his company is evil
it changed when he died
they took him over
yeah they did
okay lady i'm going to let you continue your master piece of a paper
9:35 PM
i must work early in the morning
have a beautiful night
thanks for staying up
and letting me be scattered
i can't wait to see you
the feeling is mutual
hopefully the offer still stands for me to possibly stay with you tomorrow
yeah definitely!
you have friends here
bon nuit
bon soir mon cher