Sunday, August 31, 2008

Queer Faggot Art Shit

In the vein of making this blog that much more queer
I figure I should start taking stills and videos from my life
and posting them on the site.
I mean, come on, there really isnt anything more faggoty then my life right now :0

The Rubber Rose Gallery will truly be missed
This is the flyer for the event.
I should say that is me modeling in the flyer :)
And I also photographed this super fun photo shoot.
Creatively Directed by no other than San Diego's own
Krylon SuperStar.


Some beautiful people were there

Some bands played


And the piece that left everyone talking the rest of the night:
baby want some ass milk: a performance piece by krylon superstar



Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the longest saturday that ever existed in life

so i had a super long saturday.
for real for real.

coronado in the am with christine (love that grrrl)
eating and drinking on the beach

saul williams in the early pm (and i swear he was checking me out)

la familia fashion show in the later pm (walking the cat walk)

and booty basement as the after party (getting down with my home grrrls)

well unfortunately it came to me to start documenting my super long day around the time of the fashion, here are some behind the scenes pics of what goes down...behind the scenes that is...and some more pics of me and my grrrls getting down.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

why i love you

tonight while i lay in my bed (alone mind you)
my lover lays blissfully next to his life partner

some might say, "damn grrrl he's trifling!"
but i say he's a complete lovemonster and is doing what lovemonsters do best, love.

my roommate lays cuddled up with her partner. a term that she hasnt begun to use yet but i feel comfortable projecting onto their growing relationship.

my best friend lays with the celibate man she used to want to make babies with and still has a deep rooted energetic connection with in my living room

and i am here alone.

but thats just the thing, i'm not alone.
a lovemonster is never without love
because there is plenty of love in the number one and my right hand :)

i know. i'm so dirty.

but really, as i venture through this life my spirit is reminded that love
is more than having your partner lay in bed besides you every night (i mean, thats nice and if i could have it my way right away, i probably would choose that option. i mean, i am human people.)

but back on that deep real tip,
love goes beyond proximity.

love fills us when are bodies are pressed tight up against each other.
love fills the spaces when our bodies separate after we make love.
love fills the spaces as i lie here in my bed. i close my eyes and i feel love.
i feel him. i feel his love.

and thats why i love you.


Friday, August 15, 2008

why is mongoamy not for queers?

love this definition:

monogamy: 3. (zoology) the habit of having only one mate at a time

so, in my research and just day-to-day experience with the folks who proclaim monogamy, i see large flaws in this concept. i couldnt see how and why any good queer would describe themselves as being monogamous even if they were in a full-time committed sexually exclusive relationship with only one other being.

monogamy: 1. the practice or state of being married to one person at a time.

if your queer and dating the same sex you already fall out of this definition. no matter how much you and your partner protest you fit into monogamy more like in definition 3. And may i add, you are only seen as spectacles, confused zoo animals that need to be re-caged so you can properly mate :)

now, definition 2. monogamy: the practice or state of having a sexual relationship with only one partner.

now, what is sex exactly? is sex the thing men and women do to have babies? then again you faggots are left out. is it sex if "he" puts "it" in "she's" ass? scandalous! is it sex if she puts on her harness straps in her dildo and fucks his ass until he screams her name from sheer ecstasy?

i really could go on and on, but i think your with me.

intimacy a simple word, filled with lots of depth.
but this blog isnt about intimacy its about monogamy.

now, being that sex is an elusive word that really says a lot of nothing about the situation definition 2 begins to fall short.

but this blog is becoming a thesis proposal and not a cute quirky blurb on why monogamy is not for queers so i think i'll stop now.


Friday, August 8, 2008

Jihad for Love

not that you should run out and see every single movie i suggest,
but you really should run out and see these movies ASAP!

Jihad for Love
Trembling before God
The Bubble
The Incredible True Story of Two Girls in Love

the last one is a little cheese, but whatevs.

no but really
i'm move


Live Life on Purpose

and not on accident
these were the inspirational words of the fabulous krylon superstar (if you are unaware of who kry is google him)

last night as we all congregated around coconut curry tofu, beers and white wine
wisdom was shared

it was as if our combined energies allowed us to tap into our collective unconscious and extract pools of knowledge that is usually hard for an individual to hold and process alone.

so what was this inspirational knowledge that was bestowed upon five queer bodies in one queer living room, it was that life's truths are multiple and that love is inspirational light that can be found in the darkest of places.

love and light are my truths.
i seek for those who share similar truths to coexist with me in this truth.
and for those who do not, you and your truths are just as valid.

just stay the hell away from me :)