Tuesday, July 28, 2009


two beautiful new web blogs in one day...

BM to Nowhere gets two giant thumbs up!

Witty, charismatic, and slightly off. Everything I want from a cartoon =[


New Things Make Me Smile...

and break up the tired monotony of the day =[ (handle bar mustache emoticon is one of those things).

the next is this blog:

I love how he embraces his snobbery. It's kind of cute and makes me miss the east coast.

I think I'm going to go on a bike ride and yell at some dog owners myself =[


Monday, July 27, 2009

its been too long...

sometimes i avoid writing on my blog...

this is a real place where lots of emotions, ideas, and wordless things get purged (believe it or not.)

that being said, i'm in week 13 of 15 of my semester. In two weeks finals will be done, i will be on a plane back east and will have a new baby sister.

just in two weeks.

do you remember when you were a kid and a school year felt like an eternity. So, much growth and change would happen in very little time. the last week of my life has been very similar to that. i've grown what feels like exponentially since last saturday.

i've been face with discord with my personal belief system what it means to be queer open and in love vs what it means to be possessive, jealous, and emotionally unstable. The latter being all things i rather not be, yet things so well indoctrinated in me.

but enough of this esoteric spiritual growth blah blah blah...

a small overview of my life right now:
getting ready to move to San Francisco with my small little queer family of two cats and my beautiful lover. My parents are really having a baby and i'm going to be a big brother once again :) I've transferred schools and will be finishing my masters degree in San Francisco :) i'll be in new york for 2 weeks in august :) and i had one of the sweetest lovemaking sessions of my entire life last night.

all and all life pretty fantastic :)

i love you. and thank you for listening to my rants raves and ridiculousness.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

questioning stability

to be stable (of an object) is to be firmly fixed (of a person) is to be sane.

now being that i'm neither fixed or sane truly highlights the instability of my existence.

i'm tired and i have tons to do. and all i really want to do is lay next to my lover. but even that isnt stable. he is unstable.

i understand why we work hard. because we are told to. we need to make money to live comfortably. but so many times people spend their lives making money and not living.

so there in lies the problem.

living a stable existence.

is that possible in a universe designed after entropy.

big bang, anyone.

i need to find stability in the big bang.
i need to find stability in my lover.
i need to find stability in living.

i mean entropy is cool, but you get dizzy starring at it for to long.

to be stable (of an object) is to understand you are never fixed in space (of a person) is to be insane.

that feels a little better :)
it's nice to see yourself represented in things like stability :)

exploring stability


Monday, May 11, 2009


clearly i'm surrounded by love

i'm just a little sad you havent been paying much attention to me.
i've been trying to tell you,
but you seem tired or relax and not interested right now, which is okay,
just sad.

so i'm telling on my blog. i'm sad.
i miss you.

and tomorrow i'll probably be hung over, the alcohol helps me forget
(so melodramatic)

i'll focus on my headache for a bit, needle myself (acupuncture that is)
and focus on my retakes (damn bio science)

and keep distracted until...

i dont know when.
i love you
and i'm not going to lie, i will wait until our moons realign
mercury is not in retrograde
there isnt planets blocking my chakras or
whatever the fuck is happening astrologically and making me a crazy human being
and preventing us from communicating


did i mention i feel imbalance.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

comprehending comprehensive examinations

1st year ends blow me...
but not really.

if that was the case i would be having a good time :)

Setting positive intentions.
I will pass all sections of my comprehensives.
I will remain sane through this process.

at least the weather blows :)
so i dont feel tempted to play in the sun.

things that make life amazing right now:
pandora, hercules and love affair station (so good)
vegan chocolate chip cookies
my boyfriend's beautiful face and encouraging words
getting my hair did :)
my cat sophie love

and i cant get this bloody song out of my head...

the lead singer looks like a lovemonster i used to make out with back in the Bruns...hot!

back to studying for me...


Sunday, April 5, 2009

I can almost smell it

Spring Break...

Riding Bikes
Drinking some more


Just Relaxing

Now...I must study acupuncture points

But here is another Blog you beautiful folks should check out
You know I love me some boys and fashion