Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Little Donkey

I hope those of you who have received a copy of my zine are enjoying it.
If not...
i think it could serve as a wonderful door jam.

so i'm living in san diego.
and i'm meeting people.
and i'm flirting withall these cute boys.
and i meet this beautiful woman.

yeah! i said woman.

she's absolutely wonderful.

she speaks in terms of energy
she believes in fluidity
and she is a lovemonster

i'm not going to lie, i feel conflicted
i've spent a long time queering my body
and i know being with a woman would never take away from my queerness

i've read to many Shakespearian plays where male "fraternity" or better male love resolves in heterosexuality.

that latter resolution is one of submission and conformity

i love the essence of individuals
i think this woman has a beautiful essence

i'm only conflicted by the exterior body
and what it represents in a western white misogynistic heterosexual culture

that being said...
i shaved my facial hair.

my face is bare.

i guess i'm trying to have my interior essence be more congruent with my exterior aesthetic being.
or something like that...


amandaladylovemonster. said...

i made notes on it. little donkey, that is. i thought it was a beautifully creative way to express yourself; i loved it! It completely appeal to me, and i normally never like 'zines. I can't wait for the next one!

Nicole said...

I think if your heart is in the right place than you can persue this lady without losing your queerness. If she was a male would that make it easier? If she was a male would it make it more "acceptable" in accordance with your personal morale? You said yourself that she is a lovemonster, and personally I think that is enough. We lovemonsters are a seperate people in our own right and we can be heterosexual, homosexual, queer, gay, lesbian... whatever you want to call it. But if you feel something for this woman, or put aside that she is in fact a woman and feel for the essence of her energy, then it's NOT you settling or conforming. It's you being attracted to the essence and beauty of one of your fellow human beings... one of your fellow lovemonsters.