Saturday, August 11, 2007


current mood: unsettled

if it makes you feel good then embrace it.
san diego makes me feel good. so, i embrace it.

drama makes me feel bad so, i'll replace it with things that make me feel good.

i stretched in the park today. that felt good.
i sat around a fire listening to live drumming and eating vegan goodness. that made me feel really good too.

i spent the bulk of my day with a new friend.
he is beautiful. his energy is unreal (some serious positive vibrations)
he makes me feel good

i'm left unsettled because there was a shift in energy tonight
i know it's natural
every ying needs a yang

i refuse to participate in juvenile displays of affection.
don't hit me because you like me.
(that didnt really happen)

show me love
and send me positive energy


i'm tired and this entry is not being articulated very well.

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