Sunday, August 19, 2007

what a long saturday

Saturday August 18

This morning I awoke determined to make it to Black's Beach- for those of you who are non San Diegans , Black's is the queer nude beach in San Diego. It's kind of elusive. I mean, finding directions to this place was kind of difficult. I've attempted a couple of times to go to Black's and have been quite unsuccessful- Anyway, I wanted to spend the day in the sun and not be restricted by any clothing (including my small orange swimming trunks.) Lovelady and I headed out around 1230p. We headed down the 5 blaring the screaming females. Thank you lovemonsteralexis because your directions were the bomb diggity.

We arrived at the glider port and had to hike almost 20 minutes down a cliff to make it to Black's. We were welcomed with beautiful clear water and naked men and women. We hurried to find a spot on the beach and immediately stripped off all our clothes. I was impressed and surprised by my lack of apprehension to be nude in front of all these strangers. I guess when in Rome do like the French.

And what a beautiful day in the sun :)

After about a 4hour day at black's lovelady and I decided to make the 20 min hike back up this monstrous cliff. We were invited to "The Center" to attend a transgendered meeting at 530p. After a quick trip back down the 5 blasting the end of the screaming females cd and the beginning of the blows cd we made it home in time to quickly eat left overs and make it to the center 10 minutes late.

The meeting was amazing. It was so nice to be around individuals who transcended queerness. I met and talked to at length a couple who both identified as transgendered and modified their bodies to look closer to their inner selves. The transwoman identified as lesbian and the transmale identified as gay but they were in what I perceived to be a heterosexual relationship. Wow! What a trip. I loved every second of this beautiful interaction.

This amazing interaction coupled with this great book I'm reading Pomosexuals (post modern homosexuals) made me increasingly aware of how my own personal identity is changing and developing. I am moving in a direction were my identity
1. does not have to match the way I behave
2. is pure love
3. seeks to meet souls and energies that I am attracted to

Needless to say, it was a good evening. After the meeting lovelady and I went to a art reception at Cream (the cafe in university heights.) It was cool until I was ignored by a boy that I thought I had recently worked out the kinks of our relationship. I mean, I guess I can empathized with why he ignored me.

he was with his boyfriend.
i'm complicated.
he was with his boyfriend.

so, my night resolved with lovelady and I walking around town blissfully high talking about vanity.


amandaladylovemonster. said...

boyfriends are rather difficult...either to manuver around, acquire, or get rid of. how inconvenient! but, oh how necessary?

lovelovelove, if it weren't so complicated, what would there be to ponder over? to pine for? if we weren't such emotional creatures, what would be the point of breathing in so deeply, or seeing colors so brightly, or absorbing so intensely? it hurts, its frustrating, but i love you, as well as this complicated situation we call "life."

alexis said...

u r welcome for those directions lovemonster. *muah*