Saturday, September 29, 2007

socal boys

as life in socal continues,

i'm coming across these really beautiful queer men. now, the thing is several of these men do not know there queer.

1. just because you are a man who sleeps with men doesnt qualify for a queer license

a queer identity is complex in that it is a blend of an individuals sexuality, gender expression, and a slue of other categorical things I can ramble on and on about.

2. why is this all important to this blog entry

i'm not to sure. all i know is in one night i fell in love two separate times.

once was with a boy who probably isnt old enough to drink, but has the maturity of a being who has lived a couple hundred lives.
and two was with a boy who was almost ten years my senior but living an artistic modest life in a very queer situation.

why do you care? why should you care?

you shouldnt really

all i want to say really is san diego boys are pretty god damn fly.


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