Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Industrial Unisex Chic

Last Thursday I model for the amazing Heather Brosche in her new Gender Queer Line, Buluga.

The show took place at the Museum of Contempary Art San Diego. The runway was outside, simple in design, and juxtapose to the super industrial setting of Down Town San Diego. I believe about 10 designers in the San Diego area were highlighted and Buluga was the only line that had male models.

The show's theme was recycled fashion. Heather used vintage fabrics to create Buluga. In true DIY fashion she thrifted her materials, found materials laying around her home, and died the fabrics herself using RIT dye. When asked what the inspiration for her line was Heather responded, "Industrial Unisex Chic."

So, I know everyone is really curious about how i felt strutting my stuff with about 30 other women.

The answer:
Absolutely Fabulous!

I got to model beside another beautiful male model :)
Ari you amaze me :)

Here are some photos from the show.

The designer herself, Heather Brosche


The Caellian said...

kelly love!! so wonderful that i found you on da blogspot- this is kate barbour, by the way. i started a blog too, it's for the caellian @ douglass.
all the best!

The Caellian said...

oh yeah, der, how do i become a fan of your site?