Wednesday, June 20, 2007

California Dreaming

Wedensday June 20th

Tomorrow is the summer solstice, the longest day on our planet.

I venture out west tomorrow. I'm going with one of my very best ladyloves.

I'm excited nervous anxious tired and impatient.

Today I must go to work for little over 6 hours. Come home and finish packing. Nap and be in Princeton, NJ by 8am :) (that was a very forced smile.) I'm running out of energy. Maybe I'll have a red bull or an adderall or maybe both- just kidding!

My mother has been nothing but uberly supportive. I love her. She is one of the very best lovemonsters I know.

I found new loves recently. I'm extremely sad to leave them. They have taught me it is important to love and that the only people who need to validate love are the parties participating. Love Love Love.

I have a new address :)

I'm expecting visitors my second week in California :)

I'm a very lucky lovemonster.

I am happy. I really wanted this and now it is manifesting itself. I promise to try and keep this thing up dated and post pictures and tell stories about my adventures. I promise to stay in touch. This is not goodbye people. It's damn, I have to buy a really expensive plan ticket to come and see your ass!

See you soon lovemonsters.

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Amanda Bullis said...

i'm really going to miss your positive energy! but here's a perfect farewell related to my irish heritage:

may the roads rise up to greet you,
may the wind be always at your back.
may the sun shine brightly on your face,
may the rain fall softly, softly on your fields.
and until we meet again, may the lord hold you,
may he hold you, in the palm, of his hand.

<3 amanda.

i wanted to sing that to you yesterday, but i was too embarassed.

have a safe, pleasant trip.