Thursday, July 26, 2007

a love to hide

Tonight I watched another film about being queer during WWII entitled a love to hide.

As queer beings we must not take for granted the years of activism, the blood fallen, and the tears cried by our queer ancestors. Our queer history is very rich with great stories of love, success, and light, but it is too filled with violence, fear, and intolerance.

I'm not scared.

I recently read in a queer magazine that we should live every day out and proud. And the magazine went on to ask how do you live out and proud. At first, i thought how cheesy, but now i understand the message behind the cliche. If queer beings are to ever reach the point of acceptance we must be visible. We have to be in supermarkets, we have to be in classrooms, we have to be at bus stops, we have to be in california and illinois and michigan and etc.

I refuse to pass.

I have a queer body because my spirit is queer. I want people to see my body and recognize it is a queer entity attached to a vibratant queer spirit.

my sexuality (who i want to fuck) is the least of the worlds problems. my gender (which is outside the the realm of the binary gendered system we all know and have come to love, not!) will never fit into a nice neat niche for everyone to gawk at and understand.

let's embrace the complexity of being queer. let's embrace living in a world with unique beings. let's be compassionate. let's celebrate compassion. let's embrace our world with endless empathy.

okay, no more preaching from my end.

i love being queer. i embrace it whole heartedly. my queerness truly makes me unique, while uniting me with all other queer beings. that's beautiful.

listen, if you love drama (you know like baby mama type drama) and gay things (like men kissing) you should put a love to hide on your netflix queue. that's all i'm trying to say.


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