Monday, July 16, 2007


so, today was an exciting day.

joe lovemonster is on day 3 of his west coast rode trip and stopped in good old san diego, ca.

he was a ray of light (not like madonna says, but like a lot of positive vibrations bring)

then laura and lisa lovemonster came over too!

i'm sitting in the midst of 3 nj based lovemonsters, well 5 counting lauren and myself, but she's kind of sleeping.

i woke up very early this morning (4am to be exact)
i went into work way early to help out. opener didnt show :(

i've been eating tones of carbs all day because i was so tired and trying to keep going- fueling.

but it all caught up to me and i conked out.

i'm wide awake now and i'm probably going to run a couple of errands (like laundry and stuff now)

i'm making new friends at work.
i met a very wonderful artist/ lovemonster. Her name is Tam and she's sooooo funny. like funny enough that she has me on the floor in laughter cramps funny :)

we're going to hang out this week, so that's something to look forward to.

this week is pride in san diego. an estimated 150 000 people will be at the event.
that is a crazy number :)

i also have my first california house party to go to this friday.
things are moving fast.
i wonder what i'll wear?


and the best news of all.
lovemonster lady loves sold their first version of their jewelry line lovemonster bling.
it will be selling in a cute environmentally conscious store in university heights, san diego.
if your in town you can check it out. then check me out!


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