Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Wednesday 18

As I sit in my apt. soaking in the silence, I smile.

tonight i finished my zine. i'm taking it to the printers (kinkos) tomorrow.

what a beautiful hump day :)

The completion of this body of work is so satisfying it makes the fact of my cell phone spazing out on me yet again not so bad.

When will you get your copies you ask.
As soon as I acquire all your addresses.

Okay, my jameson is starting to go to my head.
yes, i'm drinking alone in my apt.
it's so wonderful :)

who knew being an artist would be so much fun.
okay, i'm not going to lie. i knew.

tomorrows goals
print zine
fix phone

I think I can handle that day.

Let me not forget to mention that I am now the proud wearer of zero gauge silver single flared earrings. pretty snazzy right.


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Lny said...

1 courtlandt st, new brunswick nj, 08901 apt # 1
kellylovemonster mail me a zine! I want to visit you in san diego! sounds like life over there is great!