Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Who knew being domestic could be so much fun?

Tuesday July 10

Yesterday I started work at the Hillcrest Starbucks. Long story short, I didnt have to wait the month or two to transfer from OB to Hillcrest; it happened in a matter of a morning.

Work was wonderful and meditative. It was nice to be around familar objects and a familar scheme in a foreign place. My coworkers were uberly friendly and very chill. I'm happy.

Sunday was an awesome day. Lovelady and I went to Balboa Park (San Diego's equivalent of Central Park) in search of a drum circle. Another long story shorten, we met a wonderful lady dancer artists healer love being at Cream (the cafe with the free wifi) and she gave us the skinny on anything dance and drum realted in San Diego. One of the events she told us about was an all afternoon drum circle in Balboa Park.

Now when we entered the park in search of this drum circle I was already comfortable with the idea of never coming across the drum circle. I mean, Balboa Park is huge. The directions we had were vague but surprisingly accruate. You know, the type of directions that kind of go take a left at the third shrub you see that is about 3 feet hight make a right then walk away from the sun kind of directions.

"Welcome home."
This is how we were greeted in entering the space. It felt warm and again so familar. We ate fresh fruit, listen to jambas and danced until sunset.

Back to last night though... lovelady made me dinner! It was so amazing.

Veggie Burgers
Fresh Salad with yellow peppers and avocados
and Sweet Potatoes
We washed it all down with two buck chuck from trader joes

we listened to erykah badu while we drank and ate and
laughed about how domestic our entire situation was

i'm really in love with this lady.

To add to all this good energy. I recently recieved mail. I love mail.
I recieved a card and a car airfreshner from my father welcoming me to San Diego :)
and a beautiful nyc postcard from gen welcoming lovelady and I to San Diego :)

Such positive vibrations.

Peaceful Revolution.



Thank you Thank you Thank you.

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