Saturday, July 7, 2007

Day 10

I've been living in San Diego for a little over one week now :)

I'm not going to lie in the very beginning the days here were forever long, and now they move along with a rhthym that feels more natural to me.

I finally got a transfer. I'm working @ the OB (ocean beach) starbucks. I'm going to only be there temporarily. I'm looking to be transfered to a Starbucks in Hillcrest. Hillcrest is a queer neighborhood and it's a lot closer to my house then Ocean Beach.

I mean, OB is like a 15 minute drive. And Hillcrest is a 15 minute bike ride.
So, there both close. I just want to get off that petroleum.

I'm still looking for other work.

I went out on Thursday. It was my first real night out on the town. I went to a tattoo party at this bar called the casbah. It was nice to be out again. The people were beautiful of course and tatted up. There was a raffle for a free tattoo. I unfortunately lost. So, I got drunk instead. Jack on the rocks!

This awesome dance rock awesomeness band played call the view masters. Lovelady and i rocked out so hard to their music. During their last song the two vocalist jumped into the audience and danced with us. It was pretty sweet.

There's a lot of music in San Diego. You just have to look for it. Kind of like New Brunswick.

Bike. I'm trying to get a used bike so bad. This kid told me to go to the bike coop. He made it sound so easy. I googled bike coop san diego and a lot of nothing. I mean things come up, but not what i'm looking for exactly. It will come. Patience.

I need a refill on my tea. Love.

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