Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Half Nelson (Watch It)


I'm sitting in my purple american apparel underwear (the one with all the paint all over it) and i'm thinking about dialectics.

I'm changing (how trite of me to write)

I'm becoming less afraid (trite too) and I want to establish myself as an artist and healer.

I was sitting in my living room last night (which still remains partially unfurnished) stapling together copies of my zine. I had copies all around me. A sea of queer pink pamphlets that hold my politics and art. And I decided there that I truly am crazy.

I traveled across this country simply on a feeling. I felt it was the right thing to do (trite?) As my days pass by I find myself doing more things that make me happy. Also, a queer concept.

Being queer is becoming so passe.
I will continue to identify as queer because language has yet to catch up to what it is that I really am.
But, I refuse to continue to behave queerly. Instead I will behave like the eccentric polyamorous artist/ healer/ dancer/ fashionista/ hipster that I feel to truly be.

I will ride my yellow bike and continue to think about dialectics.

I will smile at passing people.
I will enjoy the rest of today.
And I will continue to change.
See the thing is youre changing too.


amandaladylovemonster. said...

babyyy, lovely, my inspiration :-)

alexis said...

the word LOVE can't possibly encapsulate the abundance of positive emotions i feel towards you in this moment