Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Healing Vibrations

sometimes i feel like this is all a funny joke and the ultimate energy (ultimate energy doesnt evoke feelings and images of a white heterosexual hippyesque man aka "god") is leading me in one direction and one direction only. I mean, I take different paths, but I still come to the same place.

today more than ever before I felt like I was truly destined to become a healer. to make a long story short i will be attending Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and receiving a Masters in Chinese and Oriental Medicine. pretty rad, no.

my parents are not surprisingly freakishly happy for me and ubberly supportive.

tuesday is the first day of classes. i'm taking 17.5 units and none of that will have to be biology or biochemistry because Rutgers will be transferring over those credits. thank you. instead, i have filled in those credit spots with therapeutic massage classes. i know what youre thinking, "i cant wait for kelly to do some work on me." i would love to, naturally.

my course load looks like this
circulatory massage
introduction to chinese medicine
a fundamentals class
tai chi
a two other classes that escape me right now

the program is very cool, if i do say so myself.
i will be observing needling work (acupuncture) the beginning of next semester.
i'm really looking forward to learning how to become a holistic healer.

where does this all leave my art?
good question.
i'm not sure. i have full intention to continue to do performance art (dancing, writing zines, participating in anarchist activities) but i'm sure learning oriental medicine will start to change what my art looks like.

i look forward to it.

as for right now, i'm flippin exhausted.
an hour and a half class of kat's african dance class today. killed me.
my biceps ach and my abdomens feel like they want to cave in.

i love a good work out.

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