Tuesday, September 18, 2007


is so beyond me.
i recently acquired a external hard drive and a wireless router that were so supposed to be fool proof to install.

leave it up to me to be the exceptional fool to the rule.

Needless to say all my music might be lost forever.

Possessions things.
I want less things.

That's paradoxical kind of right.

to want less. wanting is self is quantitatively more, no.

anyway, to make matters more frustrating the mail man gave me a hard time today.
yeah, i know ridiculous.
he refuse to believe my name was kelly.
i offered him id then realized that showing him id would be giving into his prejudices.

so, i took back my offering.
i should include this meeting was taking place outside downstairs by my mailbox.

so, i asked him what he would have done if i never intercepted him. he replied he would have brought the package to my apt. and left it with "kelly" or kelly's roommate.

so, i welcomed him to do just that, and went upstairs to my apt.
upon his arrival i opened my door took my package and slammed the door in his face.

i actually didnt slam the door in his face. but i really wanted to.


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