Wednesday, September 12, 2007

the vitamins i'm taking

are giving me energy.

it's actually quite strange.

none of this changes the fact that i have to be at sbux at 415am.
i know.
but this is my last week.

i cant wait to be rid of this job. yes, it was good to me for the last two years, but i'm so over it.

to make my day even more interesting i scheduled myself to work my new job immediately after i get off of my sbux shift. i guess i'm wonder woman or something. not. i'm crazy. i'm so going to regret it around hour 14.

school is overwhelmingly crazy, but beautiful.
i'm enjoying the things i'm studying and i actually stay awake in class.
so, new, difficult and enriching.

i have a knot in my back. it sucks. i would have had my acupuncturist release it on friday, but i had to reschedule that appointment. work conflict. so, i have to take matters into my own hands and stretch this baby out myself.

other than that, my life is quite mundane.
you know the every day things.
making art, riding bikes, going to the beach, etc.

god, i love california.


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