Thursday, November 8, 2007


so i return to the glorious east coast in exactly 13 days.
i'm super stoked to go home and see nj lovemonsters.

i'm trying not to have any expectations for my return home,
but my mind keeps going there.

Who will i see?
Will nj be the same?
Am i the same?

at this point only time will tell.

things i want to do while in nj:

1. see a screaming female show
2. eat copious slices of pizza
3. go to brooklyn
4. hang out in the george street coop
5. visit mccormicks
6. make dinner for lovemonsters
7. art with lovemonsters
8. make love ;)
9. dance!!!
10. love some more.

so all you crazy kids who are down with all or any of those things get ready because here i come.

you loves

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