Friday, November 16, 2007


i was wondering how we can transition from being friends that chill and stuff ;) to lovers.

i know that sounds intense but i like you. and i'm pretty sure you like me, so naturally we should
be lovers, right? I mean right.

is it to soon to tell you i love you? i mean i know i love you. and you told me tonight that you love me.
but do you love me like i love you? like a lover loves another lover.

are you weirded out that i wrote a blog about you? i couldnt help it, your beautiful. i even wrote you a poem. okay i didnt really write you a poem, but i thought about it :)

for now i'll just make you a mixed tape. i'll put songs about lovers in love in between songs about lovers who have been hurt by love.

it's late i should go to bed. i've already divulged to much information.

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