Monday, December 24, 2007


so, tonight over gin and tonics and bourbons and cokes i fall in love
yes, deeply in love with a man.

a muse, a musical man who composes heart feeling intensely dramatic drunken beautiful music for independent films and all you indie kids out there.

tonight i fall in love.
i trust him and his insainity.
his drunken banter is pure genius.

tonight i fall in love with a man who is deeply involved.
his partner is ever so sweet, attractive, intelligent, motivated, and probably even funny.

what do i do with this love?
it would never work out as strictly platonic.
i see him and i want to tear off his close after ever transcendental word he utters.

tonight i met my future partner.
god that was so gay.

i want to live in the french countryside with you on a vineyard type of love.
i want to know you in other lives type of love.
i want to hear you play to me early in the morning type of love.
i want to have intensely wild loud and long sessions of sex with you type of love.

your music sends chills up my spine down my arms and through my aorta pumping veins throughout my body.

lets run away together.
right now.
it's happening.
we've left and are together.
20 years have past and we laugh that no one has found us yet.



that was rant.
it's all true.
and i'll stop now.


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