Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Coming Clean

I would like to start off this blog by saying sorry to all the beautiful nj and nyc lovemonsters i didn't get to see during my visit to the brutally cold east coast (yes it's true i've came and gone.)

It was really hard being on the east coast.
I had a little amount of time.
No transportation.
Became terribly sick.
Suffered from serious indigestion.
And I got tons of slack from the people I did see because I only saw them for like 5 mins (an exaggeration but you get it, right?)

So, I'm so sorry. I'm sorry a million times. I love you all so very much.

Now that that's out the way I can catch everyone up on my life in socal :)

A lot has been happening and I know long blogs are so boring so, i'll do quick bullet points of my crazy existence.

-Finals are over and I'm done with my first semester of Traditional Chinese Medicine School :)
-I became jealous for the first time in a long time over a boy. That didn't feel to good, but it help me realize that as a lovemonster i need to give other people room to explore their lovemonsterness (and i guess i've always known that it just escaped me for a bit.)
-I refuse to take shit from people who are having a bad day/life (especially at work.) I'll show everyone love, but I refuse to let people walk all over me. So, feel your pain and get over it :) love.
-I've been receiving mad love from the cool cats here in socal. thank you to everyone for making my transition into becoming Californian easier.
-I'm taking my art in new directions ;) Details to come.
-I'm working on my latest zine, but have recently decided to change directions with it. I realize that because I have a queer body and I do everything from love my zine will naturally be queer and loving :) So, F structure and order. This next zine is going to be super queer and fun.
-I'm super stoked to dog sit during break
-I'm super stoked to see my best friend during break
-and i've yet to establish any real new years planes and i'm okay with that

if you've made it this far thank you.
i'll stop now.



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