Sunday, December 2, 2007

Overwhelmed in December, not really

Adapting in this foreign land of socal has been an experience.

Six Months have gone by and i find myself slowly assimilating into san diego culture.

i move slower.
consume more.
have cold aversions.
and respond surprisingly well to stress.

things i love:
socal lovemonsters
partying in socal
getting dressed in vintage clothing
east asian medicine
making art
socal boys
the sun

in this land of beauty, sun, and consumption there is also disharmony.

things that sadden me:
the number of homeless people in socal
the consumption
my addiction to consumption
being away from my family
fickle socal boys
over cast days

as i sit in a beautiful cafe sipping on my 4 dollar soy mocha latte typing away on my white mac surrounded with east asian books sitting on a comfortable chair in my vintage clothing i reflect on how i became this.

i'm still a lovemonster.
i'm still an artist.
i still search for community and love.

i started to settle into my apartment, despite the fact i will probably move out of it in six months. i decided to live in it as though i will be there for an extended period of time.

i started to fall out of love with some people and decided thats okay.

i started to trust my opinion more.

overwhelmed in december, not really


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anangarangamarianga said...

cool. partial assimilation while maintian a strong sense of self is awesome. i like you alot kelly. i love you too!