Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Boarder Control

the following blog never made it to publication until tonight. enjoy.

The following events happened on January 29, 2008

so last night my friends and i decided it was extremely urgent for us to take a trip to mexico. starting feb. 1, you will need a passport to cross the mexican border line from san diego.

for all you beautiful east coast kids until recently all one needed to cross the boarder was a photo id, i.e. drivers license.

pre-mexico banter:

"be careful kelly there is a drug war happening in mexico. they are slaugtering people by the group full right in the middle of the streets."
"only cary small bills."
"never use your atm because you wont get it back."
"don't make eyecontact and you will be fine."
"hide an extra five dollars in your sock."

why are we going to mexico again? oh yeah because we can.

so after a 24 hour build of the dos and donts of "TJ" we headed off on our mini road trip.

oh i forgot one "noone actually drives across the boarder K."
after pre gaming in the car we began stumbling towards the mexican boarder.
crossing the boarder to mexico took all of 5 mins and noone even once asked us for id. once in mexico we took a cab over to our beloved destination.

the music was bumping when we arrived. we were naturally stoked because part of us speculated that "TJ" would be dead. It was tuesday after all.

we climbed the stairs only to find the only bodies in the bar were the people who worked there.

okay, who needs a drink?

3 shots and one JD later i found myself bumping and grinding to 80s music (that we requested of course) with my beautiful friends.

After dancing our hearts out to depeche mode we built up an appetite. the only thing that would sedate our growing hunger would be some TJ tacos of course.

After a long drunken walk down revolution st. pass sex workers, drunks, and all the other beautiful night owls we found the supposedly best late night tacqueria in tj. one beer and a cheese and avocado quesadilla later i found myself stumble back to the american border.

Once we made it to the border we were kindly (and by kindly i mean rudely) greeted by homeland security. After a mild interrogation and pamphlet they let us all cross back to the US side.

The pamphlet was a kind remainder that after feb. 1st drunken nights like this one will be a little harder.

Anyway, thank you beautiful friends for a drunken beautiful time.

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