Wednesday, January 23, 2008

on an intimate level

today i tried to connect to you on an intimate level and you left me feeling void.

i mean the sex was good, but that part about not wanting to cum because you are practicing tantric rituals was a little bit far fetch. you might has well told me you had to wash your hair.

in fact my deepest connection today was a fleeting one with a man who's eyes were so deep i felt myself drowning, loosing my breath, and not wanting to be save by anyone. And all he did was shake my hand.

i mean you had my dick in your mouth.

so what are the cosmos trying to teach me tonight? this night of a bright and full moon that has thrust my libido into overdrive and has me fucking myself with various sex toys. i'm not to sure...

i have tons of people who love me and who made large attempts to connect with me tonight. Thank you.

But in my lust, i mean sheer horniness i was searching for more tonight. Only forgetting that i had cam 1000 times today with one hand shake.

how fast i reload.


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g said...

c u 2mro!