Monday, January 14, 2008

Organization Is Key

2008 marks the year of transition.

we will all be affected by this movement of universal qi.
as i ride the wave of cosmic momentum, i'm trying to stay balance upon my board of life. my metaphor may be a little trite, but this is my blog so deal :)

no but for real, you feel that right.

i dont know if it was my last reiki attunement or something but i've been feeling crazy vibrational forces. as i manifest more art, more love, greater knowledge, and greater financial stability in the new year i need to find ways to keep myself organized and balanced.

i'm a lovemonster so i naturally want to wear as many hats as a can, but that ambition may come with the result of straining myself. that's not cool.

so, i'm allowing myself to take time for me. allowing myself to be selfish and relax and enjoy the beautiful southern californian sun. allowing myself to buy something pretty for its temperal affects of making me happy now.

on a side note,
i feel extremely blessed today.
i've had wonderful conversations with lovemonsters across the country.
and experienced love that was so fulfilling that it made today make complete sense.

thank you

for making today so beautiful and bright

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dj lotu5 said...

love you too and thank you for being here in socal with me. we've got so much partying to do and so much art to make!

btw, i wanted to mention this to you today, but i guess i was too into playing with annie...

it seems very closely related to all the work/play you're doing...


hooray monsters!!!