Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hotel Rwanda

Not that i want this blog to become some queer hipster movie review, but i did just watch hotel rwanda (off of my netflix queue of course.) Needless to say it just rocked my world.

I have to constantly remind myself that we as a people and culture are not there yet.
Racism still exist.
Genocide still happens.
Patriarchy and Capitalism is still in fashion.

Today at my "wonderful school" (extreme sarcasm being used) I insisted that practitioners asked their patients for their gender identities (instead of assuming and filling in a patients gender for them) just like they ask them for there age and chief complaint. I was responded to with laugher and confusion.

"Really Kelly? I mean you can tell a boy from a girl right? It would be so awkward asking someone for their gender identity?"

What would be even more awkward would be assuming the wrong gender identity for someone.

I'm tired. Watch Hotel Rwanda. It's sad, and it's an important film.
Love is a revolution.


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