Monday, March 10, 2008

untitled blog # D319

tonight i watch the film the incredible true adventure of 2 girls in love.

i must be a very well indoctrinated young man because after watching that film i wanted nothing more to be one of those two girls. wait, i guess the latter statement was pretty damn queer. i'm still okay.

but for real though. i'm finding myself looking at old photographs of the men and women i've loved throughout my existence. each with their own story. but one still resonates with me unlike all the rest.

fantasies are fun. in this fantasy we are both women :)
we have just open our eyes from an incredible night of sensual sticky sex and your mother opens her bedroom door to discover us laying there embraced. we take off in a frenzy of fear. you tell me you will love me forever repeatedly, and we stay frozen in embrace as the credits begin to role.

our reality on the other hand is that we are both men. we live hundreds of miles away from each other. and we havent talked in months. how is it that i still love you?

and i can help but feel that you love me.

this is so twisted gross and heteronormative.

reality check.
1. this isnt a movie
2. you like

i'm not going to lie. i'm not ready for a reality check.
i rather live in a world of fantasy. a place where you do love me in this really straight way.

some would argue i'm regressing, and i'm comfortable with that criticism.
i'm a lovemonster and that makes me complicated.

i'll see you on the seventh plane love.


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