Sunday, June 1, 2008

i'm just a regular kid, i swear

but i'm also a regular kid in the june issue of rolling stone, italy.

what the frock!

i can't believe this little queer black boi from northbergen, nj is
paving the way for queer culture. At least thats what rolling stone thinks :)

my life has become so surreal lately. i dont know how things happen.
thats a lie i do know. i manifest things. thats so like the secret or something, right. that's funny.

as the sun returns to sunny socal, i begin to remember exactly why i wanted to come
to california. to find love, to find lovemonsters, to find a queer community, to find
me. now, i havent found me persay but i've found a comfortable way of existing to allow myself to find me.

i'm allowing myself all the things i thought i didnt deserve before.
i am worthy of beautiful love. and i participate in it everyday. i get to sleep next to it. i get to eat with it and kiss it on a regular basis.

i'm worthy of knowledge.
i'm worthy of artistic expressions.
i'm worthy of experience.

that being said, i also just finish doing a series of performances pieces for the museum of contemporary art san diego. what the? crazy right. i know. i feel like its crazy.

it's in all of us
tap into your lovemonster energy
use it to manifest everything you deserve


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