Tuesday, August 19, 2008

why i love you

tonight while i lay in my bed (alone mind you)
my lover lays blissfully next to his life partner

some might say, "damn grrrl he's trifling!"
but i say he's a complete lovemonster and is doing what lovemonsters do best, love.

my roommate lays cuddled up with her partner. a term that she hasnt begun to use yet but i feel comfortable projecting onto their growing relationship.

my best friend lays with the celibate man she used to want to make babies with and still has a deep rooted energetic connection with in my living room

and i am here alone.

but thats just the thing, i'm not alone.
a lovemonster is never without love
because there is plenty of love in the number one and my right hand :)

i know. i'm so dirty.

but really, as i venture through this life my spirit is reminded that love
is more than having your partner lay in bed besides you every night (i mean, thats nice and if i could have it my way right away, i probably would choose that option. i mean, i am human people.)

but back on that deep real tip,
love goes beyond proximity.

love fills us when are bodies are pressed tight up against each other.
love fills the spaces when our bodies separate after we make love.
love fills the spaces as i lie here in my bed. i close my eyes and i feel love.
i feel him. i feel his love.

and thats why i love you.


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