Monday, September 22, 2008

setting an intention

i usually blog late in the evening hours after the stress of my everyday existence have penetrated my energetic field, and i'm left beaten and broken down.

so, in an attempt to break the sad cycle of depressing over dramatic blog entries i've most recently have, i'm blogging at the start of my day :)

i'm not going to lie, i had a phenomenal weekend. If it wasnt for this flippin graduate program my life would be filled with socal sunshine and a lot more binge drinking :)

But this weekend was just that! It was san diego street scene. and i got to rock out with my cock in my pants, but fully erect and ready :)

some highlights of sd street scene were
TV on the Radio
Cat Power
Cold War Kids
Tegan and Sarah

A beautiful weekend with some great friends and some new friends that i love and some of the sweetest music to grace my ears. life cant be all that bad :)

here's some pics of the weekend.

so, today is going to be a great day.
i'm going to go to school.
get school work done.
get sis work done.
and then go to bed :)

thanks for being so supportive interweb.
your the best boifriend a boi could ever ask for.


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