Monday, September 29, 2008

a very bay weekend

i have good news and bad news.

the bad news is that i left my digital camera at home this weekend so, this blog entry will have no photographs to accompany it :(

the good news is that i spent the weekend in the bay and had a kick ass good time :)


i went to two conferences. Arse Elektronica, where yours truly and the beautiful DJ Lotus gave a talk about entitled Radical Porn, Intercourse between Fantasy and Reality. Also, i attained Critical Resistance 10 this year. Talk about organized. I give all the speakers and organizers infinite amounts of props for how wonderfully amazing and great CR10 was this year.

i attained Folsum Street Fair :) Talk about wild.
Image that sums up the whole fair. As i walked topless down Folsum street with my hot also topless twink friend, i look to my left and in a window right on Folsum Street I watched a man give another man with a very large penis a blow job in broad daylight :) Needless to say it was all very hot!

i hung out with the wonderful LDub in Berkeley drinking beers at albatross. Brunching at Saul's. And shopping on Telegraph :) I attained the how berkeley can you be parade with Miguel and Lady and saw topless Berkeley residents and wonderful "burning man-esque art cars.

i hung out in the mission, had an eccentric cab driver take me and my grrrls to the castro, and drank gin and tonics until my eyes began to cross.

i laughed, danced, and cried a little even.

and thats the half of it.

Thank you for all the kids that made my bay experience totally out of this world. I look forward to being in all your energies again sooner than later. Perhaps even permanently :)


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