Tuesday, October 28, 2008

timing is everything

do you remember how we talked about me giving you a blow job in bed, then i immediately asked how your girlfriend was?

yeah, that was pretty funny.

you remind me of the boys i dated in my undergrad career.
dark mysterious and so very cute.

but dangerous.

i guess thats part of the the allure.
the danger of our relationship. or at least the perceived danger. because when i think about it its not really all that dangerous. just complicated.

i did tell myself i wasnt going to date another straight man.
but i shouldve known myself better. i love breaking the rules. esp. the ones i make up.

and last night you woke me up with a stiff dick pressed against my back arms wrapped around me tightly.

i thought it was super sexy how turned on you were. I thought it was super sexy how fast you came. But i really did think it was super sexy.

and in the morning when i left you still asleep in my bed i thought that was super sexy as well.

let's do laundry together soon and drink root beer floats.


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