Wednesday, November 19, 2008

my last days...

thoughts on my last days at the ripe age of 24...

24 is fun :)
i realize life is about taking chances.
and experiencing.

24 years of lovemonstering.

i fell in love several times in the last 24 yrs.
i look forward to falling in love several more times.

24 years has taught me that being exposed can be beautiful
live as an example.
take off your clothes
eat that last piece of chocolate cake.

24 yrs has taught me to be confident in me.
i'm beautiful.

24 yrs has taught me dreams can come true.
i can manifest my dreams :)

24 yrs has showed me being present is the best thing
i can do for someone else and myself.

i look forward to 25.
my mid twenties.


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