Wednesday, November 5, 2008

a new era has begun

congratulations everyone!

we have a new president :) and not only is he articulate, handsome, and intelligent, he's also a black man!

finally i can begin to see myself represented in this country.
and not only does president elect barack obabma represent the black community,
he represents the young, the marginalized, the underprivileged, the forgotten, just to name a few.

"change is going to come"

"yes we can"

absolute genius.

unfortunately there is some bad news :(
prop 8 went through in the state of california.

and now us queers cant get married anymore.
not only can we not get married anymore, but this will now go down in history as a moment when civil rights were taken away from a group of people.

the rode to salvation isnt going to be easy.
freedom needs to be fought for.
we as a community need to continue and be active, write letters, protest, write songs, make performance pieces, and educate educate educate our fellow human.

dont forget love is the key.
lets love each other.
through love
great change can occur.
i love you.


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