Thursday, June 28, 2007

Estimated Time 6hrs

So, lovelady and I had a change in plans.

LA is unfortunately not going to work out this time around. Lovelady and I are headed straight to San Diego :)

Being that we are arriving two days earlier then plan we will not have any electricity or internet when we arrive. That being said it might be some time before I write on this thing :(

We will be arriving in San Diego at approximately 5pm Pacific Standard Time of course. For all you east coast cats thats approximately 8pm.

Arizona is still hot.

I need out now!

San Diego and warm beautiful weather here I come.

ciao loves.

love. love. love.


I hope everyone has been planning the vacations to california. I'm expecting tons of guest :)


j said...

i hope all is well and that you are enjoying yrself!!!
<3 good luck and have fun

-jacki sulley

I (heart) Ken. said...

kate and i are totally set on coming out to see you over winter break :-)