Friday, June 29, 2007

What day of the week is it?


So, i'm in San Diego, Ca currently sitting in a cute local coffee house. I'm typing on my mac and laurenlovelady is sitting across from me typing on her mac. I feel like such a hipster right now.

Lovelady has been counting all the lesbians she's seen in the last half an hour.
Do you want to know how many?
Like 7 or something like that.
Anyway crazy. Lesbians were scarce in the bruns.

We are still trying to figure out where shit is.
San Diego = huge

Current Goals
Find the Beach
Find a Grocery Store
Find where all the hot hipsters and bearded boys on bikes hang
Find a new job
Join a yoga studio and get certified to be an instructor

Good Goals :)

Okay, another wonderful thing about San Diego is the weather.
I mean, it is currently 75 degress. Tomorrow it will be 72 degress the next day 74 degrees, and 70 something degress always. So good!

The Apt.
our place is so very adorable. two bedrooms, a full bathroom, beautiful kitchen (with two big sinks!), small dinning room, and a very decent size living room.
for being in san diego for like 27 hours we are doing really well in the furniture dept.
we already found the ikea and have acquired beds, a coffee table, and other cute things.
we also went to a thrift store and acquired a small nightstand and other cute objects.
art is already filling the walls :)
more art is already being made :)
positive energy is all around :)

The Zine
so excited ... wait lesbian couple (8,9) have just walked by.
anyway, the zine is coming along well!
dannyloveladylovemonster has already thought up some brillant illustration ideas and is working on manifesting them as we speak.
I forget if I revealed the title yet, so i'll tell you again it's called little donkey: a zine about sexuality, sex, and gender (i live this shit!)

okay wonderful wonderful love monsters. i must run. i have to run some errands.

i dont have the internet yet, so i dont know when we will meet again. i'm thinking i'll come back to the cafe tomorrow because really, what else do i have to do tomorrow besides go to the beach :)


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I (heart) Ken. said...

!!! i miss your face. kate illes and i missed you last night while dancing. i decided yesterday i will probably always think of you when i dance :-) happy california-ing!