Sunday, July 1, 2007


Sunday July 1

I found the ocean :)
The beaches in San Diego are beautiful. Lovelady and I went to Ocean Beach yesterday.
Imagine with me:
Beautiful and warm clear blue water
Sand for miles
Frat boys in a giant in ground sand pit with a table in the center built of sand playing beer pong (yes, you can drink on the beaches of san diego. Oh, and did I mention the beaches were free.)
Needless to say, it was wonderful.

After the beach we went to the only real big coop in San Diego, also located in Ocean Beach. Lovelady and I bought some groceries and met a very nice boy named Mike.

Mike was 17, tattoos everywhere, and jaded by his life experience in San Diego. Mike was moving out of town and headed north to Portland, Oregon. He described Portland as being a very vegan friendly place with an awesome punk rock scene. What more could a boy ask for :) I confirmed his description of Portland. Not that I’ve ever been, but Gregg LoveMonster lived in Portland for several years and his description of Portland was very similar to young Mike’s visions of the progressive west northern city.

Lovelady and I went home exhausted from all the sun and hungry as all hell.
Once we arrived at home our landlord, Marty, was running maintenance errands around the complex. Oh, to describe our apt. complex, we basically live in Melrose Place without the pool in the middle of the San Diego equivalent of Brooklyn without the brown stones.
Anyway, Marty was around. He lent lovelady a power drill and she went to work building her hot new bed. Unfortunately the bed squeaks and everytime she has sex I will know.

Marty is cool. He is so CA. Tanned tall and a very attractive older male.

Bikes are so in.
Bearded Boys on Bikes (my favorite) are very present :)

Okay, I have tons of errands to run.

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I (heart) Ken. said...

beards! beards on bikes! beards! bikes! bearded boys on bikes (my favorite too!)!