Thursday, July 5, 2007

Bang! Flash! Marshmallows!

Notes from the beach...

July 4

I'm sitting on ocean beach watching the sun set. This is my first west coast sunset. The sun is warm the ocean is cool and I have to pee. I havent felt this alive since... the Grand Canyon. I'm starting to feel like I live in San Diego.

Lovelady and I made some friends today. We even exchanged no.s and made a play date for tomorrow.

I'm really excited to see and hear fireworks. I havent celebrated independence day in a couple of years.

The soundtrack of my life is currently Cat Power, the song baby doll. I'm thinking about Kevin and if what we experienced in NJ was real. It was so fleeting. Can love be so fleeting?

I saw a mermaid on the beach today. She had blond hair and wore a torquois dress. She seemed lonely and sad. I wanted to run up to her and return to the water where she belonged, but I don't want to miss the fireworks.

I smoked on the beach today. It was beautiful. California is changing the way I exist. The way I create. I love being a self proclaimed artist. I don't need critiques to validate me. I don't need tanigble pieces to prove I exist. I'm enough. I'm so real.

A small child just approached me to show me the crab his dad found on the beach. The child was happy the crab was in a orange bucket. This was the same child that earlier recieved a handshake from a six foot four man with a five inch mohawk. I like this kid. He is real.

Lovelady just flashed her vagina to all of dog beach. I said, "...they didnt see your vagina. it was quick." She said, "vaginas are pretty recognizable." I said, "...not yours. it's pretty special."

End of notes...

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